Local USCIS Office in Las Vegas, Nevada

Local USCIS Office in Las Vegas, Nevada

In 2019, over 843,000 people were naturalized in the U.S. These and other applicants are processed by the citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) branch of the dept. of homeland security. The federal agency receives applications through the online submission and traditional methods, and it interviews applicants in its field offices.

The office locations are divided into Districts. A District may have jurisdiction over areas in multiple States. A District may also have multiple field locations. The USCIS interviews applicants in the location that’s nearest to them. However, in some cases, they transfer to another location to improve processing times.

The Las Vegas Field Office

The Las Vegas field office is located in the Phoenix District of the USCIS. This District has jurisdiction over Arizona and Nevada. The location information is as follows:

Las Vegas (LVG) 5650 West Badura Avenue Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89118

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The USCIS field office serves the following areas.

  • Lincoln

  • Clark

  • Nye

  • Esmeralda

Visiting a Field Office

Firstly, in many cases, you don’t need to visit a field office if you are looking for information or want to follow your case. The official website has information about application forms, citizenship, processing times, application fees, and much more.

If you need case-specific information or have an appointment for an interview, here are some precautions for visiting a field office.

  • Don’t come too early or too late: the USCIS currently recommends that you come to the office 15 minutes early
  • Don’t talk too loudly and keep your phone on silent when inside the waiting area
  • Switch off your phone when being interviewed
  • Don’t record or take photos
  • Don’t come to the office if you’re sick

Case Processing Times

The waiting period for cases is usually in the months but some application types can take over a year to process. Here are three examples of processing times at the Las Vegas location:

  • N-400 (Naturalization): 13 to 16 months
  • N-600 (Certificate of Citizenship): 6.5 to 14.5 months
  • N-600K (Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate Under Section 322): 10 to 22.5 months

The USCIS calculates these times based on recently completed cases. In the examples given above the maximum times, you see is for handling 93% of the applications. But, also keep in mind that 7% of cases take longer than the given time to process.

Another thing to note is that the agency also uses another format for processing times. The format depends on the type of application form. The above-mentioned format is for several types. You can also submit some forms online –more information on online forms is available here.

Application Checks

You can follow your application or petition online with the case status checker. The tool will provide you the same services you get from phoning the federal agency.

If your application is delayed, you can inquire about it from the agency. Instructions for inquiring are available on the processing times page. Similarly, you can request missing documents and corrections in the documents you have received.

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