Local USCIS Office in Lawrence, Massachusetts

Local USCIS Office in Lawrence, Massachusetts

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is a federal agency for immigrants looking to enter the U.S. The federal agency offers its services in three main ways: an official website, a contact center, and local offices.

The type of local offices the USCIS operates include field asylum, and international offices. Field offices are where all non-asylum-related cases are handled. The international office service U.S. citizens and permanent residents along with people looking to visit the U.S. or who live outside the country.

The Lawrence Field Office

The Lawrence field office is located in the Boston district of the USCIS, and it has the following address:

Lawrence (LAW) 2 Mill Street Lawrence, MA 01840

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The field office processes applications from the following locations:

  • Berkshire

  • Franklin

  • Essex

  • Middlesex

  • Hampden

  • Hampshire

  • Worcester

The federal agency has Districts across the country. The Boston District is the only one it has in the state of Massachusetts.

If you live in one of the areas served by the Lawrence field office, you can make an appointment and apply your case at this office. Note that you won’t be able to walk in without an appointment at any of the USCIS offices. Call the contact center of the agency to schedule.

Case Processing Times

The duration for processing a case depends on the cue and also the center where you submit your application. The agency provides processing information on its official site. The current times for the N-400, N-600, and N-600K at the Lawrence field office are as follows:

  • N-600K (Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate Under Section 322): 10 to 22.5 months
  • N-600 (Certificate of Citizenship): 6.5 to 14.5 months
  • N-400 (Naturalization): 6.5 to 12 months

Note that these time ranges show the time needed for most, not all, cases.

Online Form Submission

Depending on your application type, you may have the option to submit it through the USCIS site. Online filing is also convenient because it can help you avoid some common mistakes. You can find the forms on the following page.

Before form submission, you should find up-to-date information about form filing fees. The easiest way to do this yourself is to use the fee calculator tool of the federal agency. By entering some basic information, you can obtain the current flat and variable fees.

Case Status Check and Inquiry

Besides processing times and fee calculation, the USCIS also enables you to follow your case online. The case status tool requires your 13-character Receipt Number and provides you the same info you will receive from a representative of the federal agency.

As mentioned before, the processing times are the duration for completing most cases. In case you feel that it’s taking the federal agency longer to process your case, you should submit a request for information. Check the inquiry date given on the processing page. Ask about the case if the Receipt Date on your receipt is an earlier one than the inquiry date. The USCIS has a separate section for e-requests and inquiries.

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