Local USCIS Office in Los Angeles County, California

Local USCIS Office in Los Angeles County, California

The local offices of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is where immigrants go for their interviews and citizenship ceremonies. These local officers are divided by regions and districts by the federal agency.

The Los Angeles County Field Office

The Los Angeles County field office is located in the Western region. The LA district is one of the four USCIS districts in California – the other three being San Diego, Sacramento, and San Francisco. The LA district has several field offices, including the LA field office, which shares the same address as the LA County field office:

300 North Los Angeles Street Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Case Processing Times

The USCIS processes cases in the order they receive them. The processing times are collected about 2 months before updating the processing times section. In this section, there’s a simple tool that allows you to find the time by giving your Form type and local office location. Here are three examples of case times obtained from the page:

  • Application for Naturalization (N-400): 13.5 months to 17 months
  • Certificate of Citizenship (N-600): 7.5 months to 16 months
  • Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate Under Section 322 (N-600K): 8 months to 23.5 months

Delay in Processing

The processing time is an estimate. For example, the second figure in the times mentioned above is the time for processing 93% of the cases. While this means that there’s a good chance your case will be processed within time, it also means that there’s a 7% chance it’ll take longer.

Besides the processing time, the USCIS also provides you with a received date for case inquiries for each Form type. You can see this date underneath the processing time after you enter your Form type and location. If the received date given on your notice is earlier than the date for inquiries, you should ask about the delay.

The procedure for inquiring about delays is to submit an e-Request. The USCIS site has a section for different types of requests. Clicking on ‘case outside normal processing takes you to the page with more information along with the online inquiry form.

Visiting a Field Office

If you’re planning to visit the Los Angeles County field office or any other USCIS office, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Firstly field offices are appointment only. Secondly, the office you are looking to visit may be closed or working at different hours than normal because of weather or something unexpected. Thirdly, recording inside an office is prohibited. Here recording means both video and audio recording and recording with a mobile or any other device. Finally, bringing weapons and ammunition inside is not allowed. The things that are considered a weapon include pepper spray, knife, and, of course, firearms.

If you want more information about your case, including filing fees, case status, immigration options, etc., you should check the online website first. The USCIS has plenty of tools and resources that it provides through the website.

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