Local USCIS Office in North Dakota

Local USCIS Office in North Dakota

The citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) arm of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) handles immigration applications. How you submit your application can vary based on the form type (I-90, N-400, etc.).

With some types, you can submit your application through the USCIS site without having to submit it in paper form. Regardless of how you submit, the USCIS will likely interview you at a field office near you. (However, the agency does have the option to transfer your case to another location.)

The North Dakota Field Office

North Dakota is served by the Saint Paul field office located in the State of Minnesota and the USCIS’s Kansas City District. The Saint Paul field office serves many areas. The Kansas City District has multiple field offices, and it’s one of the 26 Districts the agency has inside the U.S. The local office has the following address:

Saint Paul (SPM) 250 Marquette Avenue Suite 710 Minneapolis, MN 55401

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The field location serves the entire State of North Dakota. The address given above is taken from the locator tool provided by the USCIS. Office locations can change over time, so it’s always useful to check with the agency, along with searching the address in other ways. Note that you will also get the address when you make your appointment.

Besides submitting applications online, the USCIS also accepts online payment of the filing fees. You can also pay at the field office for the following forms: I-131, I-290B, I-212, I-694, and I-765. The agency now also accepts payments for DHS decisions with the immigration appeals board (BIA) and exec office for immigration review (EOIR) motions. The payments for these forms are made through Pay.gov at kiosks present inside the offices.

Case Processing Times

The federal agency gives processing times for a variety of forms. It also updates its website regularly so you can expect to see the latest information there. Here is how long it takes the agency to process the following naturalization and citizenship applications at the St. Paul field office:

  • N-600 (Certificate of Citizenship): 6 to 15 months
  • N-600K (Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate): 10 to 23.5 months
  • N-400 (Naturalization): 16 to 19.5 months

The USCIS usually processes cases in chronological order. So, whether your case is processed in the lesser time or greater time given by the agency will depend on how far back you are in the queue.

There’s also a small chance your case will not be processed in the normal time range given to you: the maximum duration given above is the time for processing 93% of the cases instead of 100% of them.

Other Case Processing Tools

There are several other helpful online tools you can use while your case is being processed by the USCIS. There’s a tool that shows you how your application is progressing.

This service takes your Receipt Number to provide you the required information. (You receive this number when you file your application or petition.) Receiving communication at the right address is important during the waiting period. If your address has changed, you can also notify the agency online.

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