Local USCIS Office in Syracuse, New York

Local USCIS Office in Syracuse, New York

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is a federal agency that handles a variety of immigration-related matters, including citizenship, working in the U.S., immigration of family members, etc.

The official website of the USCIS has a wealth of information and resources for immigrants. Besides the website, the agency also services applicants through its field offices, service centers, and phone services.

USCIS Field Offices

USCIS has field offices in various locations inside and outside the U.S. The system of offices inside the country consists of four regions – Northeast, Southeast, Central, and Western – and 26 Districts. Each district has multiple field offices. The administration of each district consists of a district director and field office directors.

The Syracuse Field Office

The state of New York consists of two districts: Buffalo and New York City. The Syracuse field office comes under the jurisdiction of the Buffalo District. This means that the Acting District Director of Buffalo – Edward Newman – supervises the Syracuse office. The office is located at:

213 South Salina Street Syracuse, NY 13202

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Case Processing Times

The case processing times at a USCIS field office can vary from location to location. Since the Syracuse office comes under the Buffalo field office, it’s useful to see the processing times at the Buffalo location.

  • Application for Naturalization (N-400): 6.5 months to 12.5 months
  • Application for Certificate of Citizenship (N-600): 7.5 months to 16 months
  • Application for Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate Under Section 322 (N-600K): 8 months to 23.5 months


  • The first number in the time ranges given above is the time it takes for processing half of the cases and the second number is the time for completing 93% of the total cases.
  • USCIS field offices normally process cases according to the order they receive them.
  • The processing times are usually updated once a month and they are based on historical data.
  • You can check processing times from the following page on the USCIS site.

Cases Outside Normal Processing

If you’re looking to ask about the processing of your case, check the “Receipt date of case inquiry” given below the processing time you get by entering your form and office location. If your case receipt date is before the case inquiry receipt date, then you can inquire about the case from the Case Inquiry page. Select the “Case outside normal processing time” option from the Case Inquiry page to submit your request.

Self Service Tools

From interviews to naturalization ceremonies, the USCIS field offices perform many important functions. However, for many immigration-related tasks, the USCIS online tools provide the information you need. You can learn more about these services on the following page. Here are some of the main tools available online:

  • File Online: You can file your form online if your filing one of the following forms: I-90, I-130, I-539, AR-11, G-639, N-336, N-400, N-565, N-600, and N-600K. Information about the fee for filing and how to pay it is available here.
  • Case Status: The following tool allows you to check the status of your application, request, or petition by giving your Recipient Number.

If you have made an appointment at the Syracuse field Office for your interview or another service, make sure you follow the precautions for visitors.

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