Local USCIS Office in West Virginia

Local USCIS Office in West Virginia

The field offices of the citizenship and immigration service (USCIS) perform several important functions. They process the applications of non-asylum applicants and provide case-related information. Each field office has a director and the office operates under a USCIS District. There is usually more than one field office in a district. There are a total of 26 Districts, divided into four regions: Northeast, Western, Southeast, and Central.

If you have an appointment with the federal agency for an interview or another matter, the field office address will be mentioned on the notice you receive for that meeting. Note that appointments are a must in any case, so you shouldn’t expect to be able to walk in without one. If you’re looking to find the location of an office in your city or state, the USCIS office locator service is the first option you should consider. The tool gives you up-to-date information, which you may not find from other sources.

The Pittsburgh Field Office

The field office is located in the Philadelphia District. This district has jurisdiction over the following areas: West Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh (PIT) Penn Center East Building 7 777 Penn Center Boulevard Suite 600 Pittsburgh, PA 15235

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Note that there are many services you can avail of online without the need to visit a physical location first. For example, you can learn about your eligibility for immigration. The USICS gives immigration options based on your status and your goal.

If you know which forms you’ll be submitting, you can calculate the form submission fees online. The site calculates variable fees, along with providing fixed fees. Also, you have the option to pay without visiting the physical location of the agency.

Some USCIS forms are available for online submission. You can start your application after creating an online account. Account opening details are available here.

Case Processing Times

The federal agency places an upper limit of 130% of the processing duration for some application types and is testing a new method for 14 of its application forms, including the following three:

  • Certificate of Citizenship (N-600): 6 to 15 months
  • Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate (N-600K): 10 to 23.5 months
  • Naturalization (N-400): 7.5 to 14.5 months

These processing times are for the field Pittsburgh field office. To understand these times, let’s consider the example of the N-600 form. The 6 months are the time for half of the applicants, while the 15 months are for almost all (93%) of the remaining applicants. The USCIS updates these times monthly.

These processing times vary from one field location to another. Note that to speed up the processing, your field office may send part of your case to another location. You can check the progress of your case with the case status tool.

Field Office Appointments

You can provide feedback or complain about mistreatment by talking with a representative or the director of the office. Another option you have is to contact the parent body of the USCIS, the homeland security dept. (DHS). More information about feedback is available here.

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