Being a green card holder in Cleveland, U.S., means you have the liberty to live and work in the country. It also means you can travel freely and file petitions on behalf of your relatives to obtain a U.S. visa.

Furthermore, once you have been granted your green card, you can apply for naturalization or citizenship after a number of years. Several U.S government agencies, including the National Visa Center (NVC), ICE, and USCIS are in charge of marriage green card applications.

However, several processes are involved in the green card application process in Cleveland, starting from you filing the right form. The government agencies involved publish a set of guidelines which every applicant must follow to have their petition considered.

Considering the complexity of the process, we often recommend green card applicants seek the help of an experienced immigration attorney. Herman Legal Group is one of the best law firms in the country where you can get assistance with the application process.

Marriage-Based Green Cards in Cleveland

Marriage-based green cards are available to foreign nationals married to U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents residing (LPR). The citizen or LPR who marries the foreign spouse may sponsor them for lawful permanent residency.

One of the fastest and best ways to obtain a green card in the United States is through marriage. However, that also means it receives the most scrutiny to ensure applicants don’t misuse the system – like faking a marriage.

Meanwhile, the ease of and timeframe for collecting a marriage-based green card depends on who the immigrant is married to. For instance, U.S. citizens’ spouses don’t need to wait until visa numbers are available; the USCIS makes it available once your petition is approved.

Additionally, if the spouse of the U.S. citizen resides in the U.S., all they need to do is apply for status adjustment. On the other hand, if they live outside the U.S., they must file for a spousal immigrant visa.

While LPRs can also petition for a green card on behalf of their spouses, approval does not mean an automatic visa number. Instead, spouses of lawful permanent resident citizens have to wait for their priority date to be current. Meanwhile, this waiting period can be long, as long as a few years, before the spouse can apply for the green card.

Is Applying for a Spousal Immigrant Visa in Cleveland Difficult?

Generally, application for a marriage green card in the United States is complex and takes a long time. The citizen or resident spouse will first file Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, with the Department of Homeland Security and USCIS.

An experienced immigration attorney can guide you through filing the petition or you can check the USCIS website for instructions. In some cases, U.S. citizens can file the petition outside the country if they are living abroad.

To file a visa petition for a spouse, the petitioner must be at least eighteen years old. Also, he or she must have a domicile residence in the United States to sign the required Affidavit of Support.

That means the petitioner has principal residence in the United States and plans to live there with their spouse for the foreseeable future. The USCIS requires that petitioning spouses file Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, for their alien spouse along with the main form.

Meanwhile, if children are involved, you need to file separate visa petitions for each child. Such a child born outside the U.S. after you became a U.S. citizen may qualify for US citizenship and can apply for a passport.

Nevertheless, the decision of whether your child can become a U.S. citizen or have a passport is up to the consular officer. If the immigration officer decides otherwise, the child must apply for an immigrant visa to live in the US.

How Can Herman Legal Group Help?

Applying for a marriage-based green card or spousal visa involves a complex yet delicate process. Considering the set of rules involved, even the simplest of mistakes can cost you the application.

Plus, marriage-based green card applications are subject to thorough review and scrutiny to ensure applicants don’t misuse the opportunity. This is where Herman Legal Group comes in; we can review your case and help you with the required supporting documents.

At Herman Legal Group, we know first-hand the grave importance of being guided by a reputable and experienced law firm. Thus, we offer personalized guidance through the process of applying for a marriage green card as well as spousal visas.

We have several years of experience applying for marriage green cards and a track record of success. These combined have earned our firm recognition as one of the best choices for applying for a marriage green card in Cleveland. We can help you with your marriage green card application in Cleveland if you schedule a consultation with us by calling +1-216-696-6170, or by booking online to schedule a consultation with Richard Herman himself.


The goal of having a good attorney-client relationship with an immigration lawyer in Cleveland is to help you manage the immigration process and enhance your chances of success. Whether you are applying for a green card for the first time or want to renew it, a professional help will do.

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