One of the quickest ways to reside in and be a citizen of the U.S. is through marriage. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) realizes the need for couples to be together.

Thus, the marriage green card allows foreign nationals who are married to U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents to live in the country. However, although one of the quickest, it is also one of the hardest because the USCIS thoroughly scrutinizes every petition.

Furthermore, there are certain immigration forms that applicants must fill out and submit, each with its deadline. Meanwhile, when submitting the respective forms, there are certain supporting documents that the consular offices or embassies require.

Hence, we recommend working with an experienced and reputable law firm to ensure a smoother, less draining experience. Herman Legal Group has a team of passionate attorneys who offer personalized and quality assistance concerning your green card application.

About Marriage Green Card Applications in Columbus

The marriage green card grants spouses of U.S. green card holders or citizens to live and work freely in the country. Once you obtain the card, you become a permanent resident status holder in the United States. To obtain a marriage green card or spousal visa in Columbus, you must have met all the immigration requirements.

According to the United States immigration laws, applicants for marriage-based green cards and visas must:

  • Be legally married and the marriage must be bona fide – that is, you did not get married for the immigration benefits.
  • One of the spouses (husband or wife) must be a lawful permanent resident or U.S. citizen.
  • Neither of the spouses is married to another or has unresolved divorce proceedings.

The green card or visa applicant must prove each of these qualifications to obtain the immigration benefits. Then, the applicant will go through a series of processes from the point of filing the petition to obtaining the visa or card.

These processes may include completing and submitting the required immigration forms with supporting documents and an interview with the agency. When you work with an experienced immigration attorney, you will avoid costly mistakes – like failing to provide the necessary documentation.

Before now, the U.S. government put a timestamp on how long couples must have been married to apply for a green card. However, you can now begin your application as soon as your marriage is finalized and you are legally married. However, the processing time for the card can take time, depending on whether your spouse is a citizen or lawful resident.

How Can You Know If Your Marriage Is Bona Fide?

The USCIS does not hand out marriage visas on a placard; it takes each application through a thorough screening. What the government agency wants to establish is that you did not get married to gain access to immigration benefits.

It establishes, through a series of questioning and interview, that your marriage is (or is not) bona fide. When a marriage is bona fide, that means it is real and legally recognized, especially in the jurisdiction where you got wedded.

Your marriage is bona fide if you entered into marriage because you love your spouse and want to be with them. In other words, your marriage is not bona fide if you got married to obtain a marriage visa or green card.

If during the interview, the USCIS discovers that marriage is not bona fide, it will deny the green card petition. Furthermore, the offending couple may face additional criminal charges for sham or fraud marriage.

Nevertheless, a consular officer may deem a marriage sham if you don’t provide sufficient evidence to prove otherwise. In this case, you may need the intervention of an immigration judge to plead your case; we recommend seeking legal assistance.

Why Should You Hire a Lawyer at Herman Legal Group?

Herman Legal Group was founded many years ago, meaning it has several years of experience dealing with immigration issues. We have a band of compassionate, highly skilled, driven, and experienced immigration lawyers providing exceptional immigration-related legal services. Furthermore, when you work with us, we will handle every legal matter concerning your marriage green card application and proceedings.

Additionally, we will provide you with important information to know concerning the marriage green card application process. That includes expenses it’ll incur – such as the filing fees and court costs if applicable.

Also, we provide firsthand information on how long the immigration process will take and the typical outcomes of immigration cases in Columbus. We also help you ascertain which is best between handling your matter in the state or federal court.

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Working with a professional is the best option if you are not sure whether your immigration case requires a trial or not. Your marriage immigration lawyer will intimate you on what to expect from court officers and the judge during the trial.

Regardless of whether your case requires a trial, they will guide you every step of the way. Herman Legal Group has a track record of success with several thousands of happy and satisfied clients.

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