Obtaining a marriage-based green card in the U.S. is typically a straightforward but complex three-step process. The marriage green card allows the spouse of a lawful permanent resident or US citizen to live and work in the country.

Once obtained, the green card holder will have permanent resident status for at least three years in Detroit. After three years, he or she is eligible to apply for naturalization (that is U.S. Citizenship).

If you are interested in getting a marriage green card for your spouse, you may want to get professional help. Herman Legal Group has helped thousands of families reunite in the U.S., with an over 90% success rate.

We have a team of brilliant lawyers for different immigration cases, including marriage-based green card applications. Working with an experienced lawyer can reduce your chances of getting rejected or denied by up to twenty-five percent.

How Often Are Marriage Green Cards Denied in Detroit?

Marriage-based green cards constitute one of the most popular routes through which foreign nationals gain permanent residency in the U.S. However, it is not the easiest way to obtain residency because its popularity subjects it to serious scrutiny by immigration officers.

Immigration officers are pretty quick to conclude that marriage is not bona fide when you don’t submit enough evidence to prove otherwise. Thus, there are higher chances of denial of marriage green cards than in some of the other immigration application routes.

A certain number of things can cause a visa application to be denied and failure to prove a marriage’s legitimacy is one. To be approved, you must convince the USCIS that your union is bona fide and formed for immigration purposes.

One of the most popular grounds for denial is failure to provide a recognized marriage certificate and relevant documents. Also, immigration officers will watch out for red flags throughout the application process that can suggest your marriage isn’t real.

Other things that can cause a marriage green card application to be denied in Detroit include filing the wrong form. As simple as it may sound, filing the wrong application form at any stage can result in denial of the application.

Also, if you miss, omit, or fill in incorrect or inconsistent information in the form, you may encounter delays or denial. Additionally, submitting incorrect filing fees, failure to prove financial requirements, and health or criminal issues can cause the application to be denied.

How Can You Avoid Getting Denied in Your Marriage Green Card Application?

You can reduce your chances of denial by being proactive before you apply and applying the right way.

Below are things you can do to ensure your application is not delayed or denied:

  • Ensure you clearly understand what your case requires, for both the beneficiary and the petitioner. Be sure you are both eligible, file the right forms appropriately, and ensure every important detail is filled in. Also, double-check every document and form to ensure nothing is missing before you submit it.
  • Prepare for the interview, to which both you and your spouse will likely be invited. To prepare, review your documents with your spouse and ensure your statements rhyme because you may be interviewed separately.
  • Hire an experienced immigration lawyer with enough experience in marriage green card applications to help you through the process.

Why Do You Need Herman Legal Group’s Help?

The best step you can take in your marriage green card process in Detroit is to hire an experienced immigration legal practitioner to help you. At Herman Legal Group, we have 100+ combined experiences helping clients file immigration petitions. Herman Legal Group’s lawyers have helped thousands of families file and obtain their marriage-based green cards.

Each of our lawyers has years of experience working with marriage-based green card applicants with a high approval rate. Additionally, we are there for you during your interview to give you the necessary legal representation and counsel. Meanwhile, if you have already filed your petition and have been denied, all hope is not lost.

We are also experienced in helping applicants through the next steps following the denial of a marriage-based green card application. You can schedule an in-person or virtual consultation with us by calling +1-216-696-617 or by booking online.


In Detroit, the process of marriage green card is similar to what is obtainable in other states in the United States. To avoid getting stuck anywhere along the line which includes the process of filing a denial motion or denial appeal to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), you need professional help.

It is best to use professional legal help like ours if you want to avoid the pitfalls that can lead to denial. We will not only provide you with all the help you may need to see the process through, we can also help facilitate the process through our cutting edge legal services in Detroit.

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