In the United States, almost 30 percent of federal prisoners are immigrants. Besides federal prisons, in the United States detention system, there are state and local detention centers.

When it comes to total numbers of inmates in Michigan, in state prisons, there are more than 40,000 inmates, and 14,000 are in local jails. Besides, federal prison hosts about 3,900 inmates from Michigan. If the count in the supervision of 1,700 youths in detention centers around the state, along with the inmate population, and overseeing around 178,000 people on probation and 18,000 on parole, then you shouldn’t be surprised that there are about 40 detention facilities in the state.

Michigan’s secure-facilities network supervises a diverse offender population. The prisons are categorized into different security levels. A Secure Level I facility houses prisoners who are more easily managed within the network (even though they may have committed violent crimes). The state’s Level V prisons house prisoners who pose maximum management problems are a maximum security risk or both.

Michigan 3 Local Jails

In Michigan, there are three jails that ICE has contracted with to detain immigrants.

Calhoun County Correctional Center

Calhoun County Correctional Center is located in the City of Battle Creek. The corrections officers work in the living areas of the inmates/detainee since it is a form of a Direct Supervision facility.

This jail provides the following services:

  • Secure lodging for pre-sentenced and sentenced inmates/detainees
  • Prisoner Transport and Court Security
  •  Support Services to Inmates/Detainees, including 24-hour NCCHC Accredited Medical Care, food service, religious support, laundry, counseling, GED education, etc.
  •  Contract Civil Detention

In this Center, detainees can receive funds to use for purchasing items within the correction center commissary, pay for health-related expenses, haircuts, and other things that they need and can afford in the center. Detainees can have money in cash, or if you wish to send it to someone, you can do it through the Western Union, Credit Card at the following number 866-345-1884, or you can put it in an inmate’s account.

The Calhoun County Correctional Facility operates 24-hour / 7 days a week. But if you want to visit someone, firstly you will have to schedule your visit, and it can be on working days, from Monday to Friday in two shifts:

  • from 7:30 am to 10:30 am
  • from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Monroe County Jail

Monroe County Jail was first located in the old yellow courthouse, which stood on the public square. Today’s facilities are the sixth expansion of the first jail, built-in 1999, and now Monroe County Jail lays on 155 acres. It is situated at two sights:

  • Main Jail Facility: 100 E 2nd St Monroe, MI 48161; Telephone (734) 240-7430
  •  Dormitory Facility: 7000 E Dunbar Rd Monroe, MI 48161, Telephone: (734) 240-8000

Monroe County Jail comprises six divisions:

1. Administrative Division
2. Uniformed Services Division
3. Traffic Services Division
4. Detective Bureau
5. Youth Services
6. Marine Unit

In this Center, detainees also can receive money, and there are two services to use:

  • CourtMoney
  • GovPayNow

Monroe County Jail consolidated its rules and regulations in the Inmate Guidebook. All inmates will receive the .pdf version of this book upon entering the Center to get familiar and effortlessly follow the rules. The rulebook contains some useful information for friends and families as well, such as the ways of communication and rules during visits.

St. Clair County Jail

St. Clair County Jail is part of the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office. It is governed by St. Clair County in Michigan that was established in 1821 and finally improved in 2006, when the new Correctional facility opened, housing both the adult and juvenile offenders.

St. Clair County Jail offers several services:

  • individual counseling;
  • crisis intervention;
  • group therapy programs for inmates

Also, it provides adult primary education and high school completion, classes. Furthermore, St. Clair County Jail assists inmates to access various medical and dental care services. Each year, the jail office responds to over 40,000 calls. Also, it owns and manages a centralized emergency dispatch center.

Here, inmates cannot keep the money in their living area. However, if your friend or a family member is detained in this jail, you can deposit money into an inmate’s commissary account in three ways:

  • On line:
  • By telephone: 1-866-232-1899
  • Touch Pay Kiosk: Can be found in the Sheriff’s Office main lobby

Upon registration through the platform, visits are allowed within St. Clair County Jail from Sunday to Thursday between 12:15 p.m. and 7:45 p.m., except for dinner hour (5:00 p.m.), and you can see the schedule here when it is available. Furthermore, the jail will let you send to inmate newspapers, magazines, and other types of publications, but make sure that it has the softcover.

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