If your organization has recently become a victim of PERM Supervised Recruitment, you’re not alone. Supervised recruitment involves direct supervision of DOL and it can be complex, and you might be wondering what it takes to get your employees up to speed in a timely manner.

Listed below are some tips to help you make the most of the process. Remember, PERM Supervised Recruitment is a more rigorous process than standard PERM recruitment.

For information on PERM supervised recruitment, read this article. Supervised recruitment may be necessary if the employer fails to submit required documentation, provided insufficient information, or materially misrepresented information. If the CO determines that supervised recruitment is necessary, the employer must submit a draft of the ad and a letter with recruitment instructions.

What is PERM Recruitment, and How Does it Work?

If you’re considering hiring an immigrant, you may have questions like what is PERM recruitment, and how does it work? In short, it is the process of hiring employees from another country legally. There are three basic steps to PERM recruitment.

The first step is the job description. The description must be accurate and include the skills and education required for the job. It must be consistent and reflect industry norms. The employer must also respond to all qualified applicants. Depending on the job classification, there may be several options available.

The next step in the process is filing the Permanent Employment Certification form. The application requires that employers use several forms of recruitment within six months prior to filing for the immigrant visa. These methods may include placing an order with the State Workforce Agency, posting an internal job posting, publishing an ad, and obtaining a prevailing wage determination from the DOL.

The PERM process requires employers to conduct a wage survey to determine the prevailing wage. It is best to submit a wage survey if the wage is below the federal minimum wage for the area in which the job is located. Employers should be aware that a prevailing wage determination is subject to DOL expiration dates. It is essential to carefully complete the job recruitment aspects of the PERM process. If they are not, you will be in violation of immigration law.

Processing Time For Supervised Recruitment

The DOL suggests applicants wait six months to get the final determination. However, employers should plan ahead. It may take longer than this, as multiple steps are involved. Typical supervised recruitment ads inform US workers of a position but do not provide specifics about the requirements of the position. The employer must describe the job in detail, including minimum qualifications, and direct resumes to a DOL address.

Processing Time Including Audits

The DOL is not clear on what the PERM supervised recruitment processing time frame is, but it can take from a few weeks to some months. Moreover, there are many steps involved in the supervised recruitment process, so there are no standard processing times. Therefore, it is best to consult with an immigration attorney to determine the timeline for your specific situation.

The National Processing Center handles PERM applications. They are checked for compliance with DOL rules and regulations. Approximately 30 percent of PERM cases are audited by the DOL. Audited PERM cases take longer to process because they are more thoroughly scrutinized. Moreover, employers must ensure that they do not create any red flags to avoid triggering the audit.

Supervised PERM Recruitment Process

Supervised PERM Recruitment Process

Typically, supervised recruitment adds six months to the overall PERM process. Supervised recruitment requires a draft advertisement of the job opportunity submitted to the Department of Labor (DOL) within thirty days of posting it.

Unlike pre-filing recruitment ads, which inform US workers about a job opening, supervised recruitment advertisements must describe the job in great detail, provide minimum qualifications, and direct applicants to the DOL’s address.

The supervised PERM recruitment process can be time-consuming and inaccurate. If you’re unsure whether the process is appropriate for your company, consider hiring a PERM immigration attorney. At Herman Legal Group, our experienced immigration lawyers have helped many clients navigate this process. We will help you navigate the supervised recruitment process.

Ad Description of PERM Supervised Recruitment

The process of PERM supervised recruitment may seem confusing and cumbersome, but it actually has very few requirements. PERM, or the Program Electronic Review Management process, is used by the Department of Labor to scrutinize perm labor certification applications. In the end, it is a vital process for both employers and employees. But how do you go about it? What are the steps involved? What do you need to do to succeed?

First, employees must send their resumes to the certifying officer with their address and identification number, which will then be forwarded to the employer. Employers will also be supposed to submit a recruitment report to CO within a month of certifying officer’s request.

In addition, they must also post the position on the employer’s website and place an ad on job search websites. In the case of the last step, the employer must document the reasons for not hiring US workers, which can be based on law. The employer also needs to maintain records documenting the recruitment steps. To avoid problems later on, PERM supervised recruitment should be handled correctly and quickly.

These details must be included in the ad:

  1. Clear job description
  2. Wage rate
  3. Job requirements
  4. Clarify if training is required or not

What is PERM Supervised Recruitment?

When you are preparing to submit a PERM application, it is important to understand what supervised recruitment entails. You should never use unduly restrictive or broadly-drafted job requirements. This will put you at risk of an audit, so you must be very specific and articulate all bona fide job requirements in your PERM application. Moreover, you should document the business necessity of these requirements.

How to Minimize Your Risk of PERM Audits?

A PERM audit can be a frustrating process. It can be unpredictable and can even prolong the process further. Despite the unpleasant nature of these audits, they aren’t as bad as they may seem. In fact, there are ways to minimize your risk of a PERM audit. Read on to learn how. PERM audits are a normal part of the process for many companies.

The DOL regularly conducts PERM audits and identifies a few public colleges and universities as “targets.” In random audits, the certifying officer will request different documents and review them to ensure compliance. In targeted audits, the DOL will target specific details from the PERM process. By understanding what triggers the audit, you can minimize the risk and plan accordingly.

#A Primary Requirement of Less than a Bachelor’s Degree

Whether the job requires less education or experience is a matter of opinion and personal preference, but the employer must meet certain requirements. To minimize the risk of PERM audits, the primary requirement of the offered job must be a Bachelor’s degree. This rule is not enforced in all cases, as some positions are excluded from audits.

#If the work Requirement Doesn’t Require any Experience

If you’re hiring a foreign worker with no prior experience, it may raise red flags. In other words, don’t make up an experience requirement for a job unless you are prepared for the audit. In many cases, this won’t work and can actually lead to problems.

#Some Other Factors

Several other factors can trigger a PERM audit, including close familial ties, ownership interest in the employer, or a foreign language requirement. If a foreign-language requirement is part of the job description, the certifying officer may want to confirm that the position is open to US workers. In addition, a PERM audit may be triggered by a foreign language requirement that may not be justified.

Processing Time Without Audit

The processing time for PERM supervised recruitment varies widely. The DOL has no standardized processing time, and it is best to plan ahead and submit all required documentation in advance. You may need to wait for a few months, but you will be glad you did once your file is approved.

Until then, you should expect to see some red flags thrown in your direction, and the hiring process will take longer than you might expect. However, if there’s no audit required, you will get a notification within 5 to 6 months of filing your request.


The PERM supervised recruitment process can be confusing and intimidating, particularly if the process involves audits and supervised recruitment. Fortunately, Herman Legal Group can help speed up the process by estimating the processing time required for each individual case.

After all, no one wants to wait for too long to start hiring new employees. That’s why Herman legal Group offers excellent PERM consultations to explain the process and how to prepare for it.

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Hiring Herman legal firm to handle PERM supervised recruitment is vital as our attorneys have vast experience related to immigration services. Hiring an attorney to help with the PERM supervised recruitment process is essential for avoiding a denial in the immigration process.

Although supervised recruitment is not required for every employer, it can add several months to the PERM process. Consequently, it is important to hire an experienced law firm as early as possible.

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