If you are a Colombian citizen married to a US citizen, you can apply for a CR1/IR1 or Spousal visa. You can apply for a CR-1 visa if your marriage is less than two years old or an IR-1 if it is older. The only difference between these two visas is in how old your marriage is; both visas come with a green card. Once you enter the US on this visa, you will be required to adjust your immigration status after a while.

A General Overview of the CR-1 Visa Process in Colombia

To start processing your visa application in your home country, your US-citizen spouse must first file Form I-130. Form I-130 is Petition for Alien Relative; it makes your citizen spouse a sponsor and you a beneficiary. This form serves to prove to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that a valid relationship exists between both of you. After some time, the USCIS will send a receipt notice – that is, a notice that it has received your petition.

After you receive the notice, it can take a while before the USCIS office starts processing your petition. If your spouse was truthful in the application and they submit the right supporting documents, the petition will be approved. However, there are certain reasons why the USCIS could deny the petition, many of which you can spot yourself. The USCIS denies and approves petitions at its discretion; you cannot predict or tell the outcome of the petition.

Steps for Obtaining a Spousal Visa (CR1/IR1) in Colombia

There are several steps involved in applying for and obtaining a US spousal visa in Colombia, including:

Step 1: Filing a CR1 Petition

First, your citizen spouse must file Form I-130 with the USCIS over there in the United States. The USCIS will send you a notice that it has received your application, which can take up to a few weeks.

They will be required to submit certain supporting documents with the form to establish a valid existing relationship between you both. Your spouse should submit all the documents as requested; if the USCIS needs additional documents, you will be notified.

Step 2: National Visa Center Processing

If the USCIS is convinced that there is a valid relationship between you and your citizen spouse, processing begins in earnest. It will forward your case to the National Visa Center, NVC, and you will be told to pay some fees.

The NVC will send you a welcome note via electronic or physical mail with instructions on how to proceed. One of the forms it will require you to fill out is Form I-864, Affidavit of Support.

The Affidavit of Support helps assure the US government that your US sponsor (spouse) can cater to your financial needs. That means you will not rely on the government for whatever financial help you might need.

Then, you will proceed to obtain a medical examination from the authorized physician, in case you need to take some vaccinations. You will be requested to submit the following documents for consular processing in Colombia:

  • Your visa petition,
  • Your spouse’s valid passport,
  • Form I-864, Affidavit of Support to prove you can take care of yourselves financially,
  • Two photo-style passport photographs,
  • Civil documents such as your marriage certificates, divorce certificates if either or both of you were previously married, and birth certificates. Others include police certificates and criminal or prison records if applicable.

Step 3: Interview

Once the NVC is done with your case, it will send it back to the US embassy in Colombia. It will schedule your visa interview and you will attend it at the US consulate in Colombia.

The NVC will give you detailed instructions on how to prepare and what to bring to the interview. For instance, you will bring the results of the medical examination you had in a sealed packet to the interview.

This interview serves to rule out every shred of doubt that your marriage is not real. You do not have anything to worry about if your marriage is valid and not forged for immigration purposes. The consular officer interviewing you will ask a series of personal questions about you and your spouse, among other things.

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Each CR1/IR1 visa case is different, and Colombia’s immigration laws can affect the timeline or your chances of getting approved. Generally, if your marriage is real and valid, you fill out the right forms, and submit the appropriate documents. The application process should go smoothly – unless the delay is coming from the US government or embassy in your country.

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