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Are you feeling overwhelmed or alone trying to understand and navigate your way through complex immigration or other legal issues? At Herman Legal Group, we pride ourselves on offering caring and experienced one-on-one representation to our clients. Our immigration lawyers work hard to ease the burden for every client, while developing personalized strategies designed to reach favorable outcomes. We encourage you to read through some of our past clients’ testimonials to gain an understanding of how working with Richard Herman and his immigration attorneys can benefit your case.

Herman & Associates’ team of attorneys are outstanding…

… and are clearly one of the best in the field of immigration law, based on my experience and those of my friends whom I have subsequently referred to them. If you want the best lawyers working on your case, including moving/working in the U.S, this is the place. I recommend the firm without any hesitation.

John C. Anyanwu

Richard is extremely knowledgeable in immigration law and policy.

He is well respected in the community for helping community members due to his multicultural experience and exposure. He is very passionate about his work.

Ambalal P.

Justice and advocacy is his passion, attorney is his profession.

As a business owner who deals in international business and immigrant investment, I need to rely on professional legal advice that understands diverse communities. Richard Herman understands that role well and has been a tremendous asset to my company.


Richard Herman is an expert on immigration policy and…

… has been invaluable in providing current information on new legislation. He is an excellent public speaker/presenter on the subject

Richard Dayoub

You cannot find an immigration lawyer that is more passionate about immigrants than Richard.

Thru his book “Immigration, Inc.” and his various speeches, seminars etc., Richard is dedicated to promoting immigrant entrepreneurship and business environments for immigrants. He is honest, straightforward, and fun to work with. I had the honor to travel back to China with him, and our clients are impressed with his knowledge, passion , nd friendliness toward immigrants.


Richard is a wonderful attorney.

He helped us to get out of a mess caused by another attorney firm in the Cleveland area, and helped us through the journey from green card to naturalization processes. He is always patient and knowledgable, I highly recommend him.


A trusted friend and a community leader.

Richard has provided expert legal advice to me in the past and is a staunch advocate for immigrants. My husband Ray and I have recommended him to our friends and acquaintances and they were extremely satisfied with his services. We believe he is trustworthy, professional, very reasonable with fees/charges and top-notch in his field. He and his team take every case that comes in front of them with utmost care and will not rest until they have exhausted all avenues and are successful. If you need any kind of legal advice and assistance, call Richard Herman’s office. You will be glad you did!


I have known Richard Herman and his associates since 1995.

Since then, he has not only been an attorney, he has been a person that I could always rely on for legal advice in this country. He is very knowledgeable, understanding, kind, supportive and a strong attorney. Through many court hearings, and through many tears, Richard Herman and his Associates successfully resolved my case. Thanks to Richard Herman and his Associates, today, I am a proud citizen of the United States of America, have three beautiful children with a bright future, and a happy family.


A great firm with excellent attorneys.

Working with Richard Herman and Charmaine Rozario has been a great experience for my husband and me. We were very impressed by their professionalism and efficiency that we witnessed firsthand when Richard Herman’s office handled our daughter’s immigration case. Needless to say that our daughter’s case was very complicated and had been denied by USCIS more than once – before we hired Richard Herman and Associates. We felt almost hopeless until we hired Richard Herman and Associates. He provided us guidance and moral support and thanks to Richard Herman and Charmaine Rozario, last June our daughter finally received her green card. Our appreciation and gratitude to them are limitless. We guess we could sum it all up in saying: thank you Richard and Charmaine, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Irina and Pat Valence

Richard Herman is absolutely professional and knowledgeable…

… has extensive experience working with students, and answers questions with objectivity and kindness. Currently, I am adjusting my status from student to permanent resident. Richard and his staff are completely dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. What I like most about the firm is that their staff is very thorough and responsive. I feel confident having Richard Herman/the Herman Legal Group help with my applications and I can’t wait to receive my green card and work permit. I would definitely recommend Richard Herman as an excellent immigration attorney.


Richard Herman is a recognized community leader…

… with tremendous integrity, background, talent, professionalism and people skills. He has a wide professional network through many ethnic communities locally and on a national level. His interest and vigor in helping individuals and communities reach their goals is persistent and effective. Richard is a long-time and trusted friend with boundless energy and versatility. It is my privilege to recommend Richard Herman

Past Client

I can highly recommend Richard Herman and his team of lawyers…

They’re fighting for immigrants’ rights all over the country and they’ll fight for you as well. They’re fighting for immigrant rights all over the country. Ask Richard about ‘We are all Immigrants!’

Marc Canter

Richard is a friend and a trusted adviser.

He is a leader in pushing U.S. immigration reform; he is an expert in solving immigration issues; he uses his heart to help his clients. I have been referring people across the country to see Richard and his team.

An Immigrant Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley

Richard Herman has proved time and time again that he is a person of great integrity and compassion.

I have worked with Richard on many international projects in Northeast Ohio and I consider him to be a most outstanding advocate for those treated unjustly and illegally. I highly recommend Richard and his company for representation in immigration and other international relations.

Past Client

Richard Herman is honest and committed to the immigrant community in Cleveland…

I Recommend him 110%. I had an excellent experience with him and his associates with all the processes to get my green card. But there was one time when I finally got my green card and I was able to get out of the country, my family decided to visit my country after 4 years. I had to apply for a passport for my husband (who is an American citizen) 3 months before the trip day which was on January 2nd … well .. we had a call from the government telling us that his passport had been denied because his birth certificate was faded and he had no other record until high school. On top of that, it was New Year’s week, which made it very difficult for us to solve that problem on our own with no luck. We decided to call Richard Herman on Friday, December 30th, and he was very kind to help us with his experience. He talked with the government (he gave them a couple of legal reasons why my husband should have his passport without a doubt) and after an hour later we had a call saying that his passport would be shipped overnight … They even apologized for the troubles. This is one of many reasons why I recommend Richard Herman.

Alicia Breeden

I have had the pleasure of working with Richard Herman and his firm on several occasions.

He is extremely well-versed in immigration law, and he is passionate about raising awareness about the importance of immigrant entrepreneurs to our nation’s economy. I recommend him whole-heartedly.

Past Client

This note is a letter of recommendation for the Herman Legal Group of Cleveland, Ohio.

I submit this recommendation in acknowledgment of the capable, competent and apt legal services the Herman Legal Group has provided me as I continue to develop and navigate the many governmental and cultural requirements associated with doing business in the Cleveland Metropolitan area. While Richard Herman and staff have a focus in full-service immigration law, his team has obviously benefited from the many years of providing legal services to this niche legal demographic in establishing business and individual interests for immigrants with an expressed interest in becoming viable contributors to the Cleveland community. The Herman Legal Group has gained its experience over the past twenty years by working with Local, State and Federal government agencies. For the latter, the Herman Legal Team’s experience was gained through the successful execution of Federal compliance documents as required by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS), formerly the INS, Immigration and Federal Courts. A comprehensive review of Group’s experience has also afforded it “AV-Rating” attorney from Martindale-Hubbell. The ratings are based on a peer review comprised of lawyers and judges. The “AV Rating” is the highest legal ability and ethical standards rating available. I recommend the Herman Legal Group to anyone with acute Business and/or Immigration challenges. I look forward to a continued and mutually beneficial working relationship with Richard Herman and staff.

Past Client

The quality of the work and people at the Herman Legal Group is second to none.

We had a frustrating immigration snafu with my mother-in-law who is from Panama. Richard Herman and his team were able to solve it quickly and reasonably. I highly recommend them!

Andrew Thomas

I highly recommend Richard Herman & Associates.

I have had the pleasure of working with Richard Herman and his firm on several occasions. He is extremely well-versed in immigration law, and he is passionate about raising awareness about the importance of immigrant entrepreneurs to our nation’s economy. I recommend him whole-heartedly.

Thomas B

Cleveland’s Best…

Richard Herman and his team are very professional and a pleasure to work with. He has helped us numerous times on numerous issues. What a tremendous asset to Cleveland, Ohio.

Abram S

I appreciate the caring and integrity of Richard Herman.

Past Client

I am a fellow attorney and consider Richard a trusted resource…

… in referring clients with immigration issues.

Past Client

A very caring and competent firm that I have recommended to family and friends.

Herman Legal Group is a gem for Cleveland.

Past Client

I have the pleasure of assisting the City of Dublin with their International Business Assistance Center.

We offer significant programming and connections related to Immigration, Exporting and other international relations topics. Richard Herman and Herman Legal Group have been a tremendous partner in providing education, council, and leadership in this area. I would highly recommend Richard Herman for any such needs.

Chaz Freutel

Herman knows pretty much everything about immigration.

Would recommend him to anybody who needs such service.

Past Client

Richard Herman is a tireless worker on behalf of immigrants…

… and opportunities for immigrant entrepreneurship. His sensitivity to immigrants comes from the heart and his passion for their success in this country is endless.

Past Client

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff…

… made me feel very comfortable throughout the green card process. Thank you for all your hard work!

Past Client

I have known Richard Herman and the Herman Legal Group for over 12 years.

As a member of the Greater Cleveland Albanian Community I have referred numerous individuals to the Herman Legal Group that were in need of immigration legal assistance. My referrals always told me that they were happy with the sensibility in which the whole staff at the Herman Legal Group extended themselves. I will continue to refer those in need of immigration assistance to Richard Herman and his staff.

Past Client

If you have an immigration issue, just call Richard Herman…

… and know that everything will be taken care of. I would highly recommend him and his office. Everyone is so nice and professional.

Past Client

The law firm of Richard T. Herman and Associates has handled over a dozen immigration cases…

… that we have referred to them over the years. We had worked with other immigration lawyers previously. Their service, responsiveness, fair pricing, and great results for our clients are unparalleled. We unequivocally recommend Richard T. Herman and Associates to anyone seeking legal assistance for an immigration matter.

Past Client

I have had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Herman on a variety of immigration matters.

He is truly one of the leading stars of the field and a fierce advocate for immigrants.

Past Client

Richard and Charmaine are great lawyers.

They helped me with my H-1B Visa and green card case. I really appreciated not only their legal expertise, but the personal attention that they and their staff provided. They were excellent!

Past Client

Richard is a powerful, knowledgeable, and zealous advocate for smarter immigration policies.

He has unparalleled expertise on the issue and I have featured him at events to educate business and political leaders on immigration issues all around the country.

Past Client

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