Client: Adult Male Non-U.S. Citizen Husband in Removal Proceedings, Married to U.S. Citizen
Client’s Country of Origin: Albania
Case Type: I-130 Immigration Petition for Alien Relatives (Spouse)
Date of Application: January 21, 2009
Date of Approval: March 9, 2009

After two dismissals of appeals for his asylum application, Herman Legal Group was retained to secure immigration status for our client who was in the middle of removal proceedings.

When dismissed of appeals for one type of immigration application, it will affect the process and result of another application. You must provide all required documents to avoid such effects. In addition, we were pressed for time as the spouse was in the middle of a removal proceeding.

We did our best to help our client’s husband simultaneously prove two things: 1) His marriage to a U.S. citizen was the result of love and trust, and 2) The asylum application should have been approved based on a well-founded fear of persecution due to his political activism in his home country.

Within two months, our client was granted an immigration status to stay in the U.S. while awaiting approval of his green card application. Herman Legal Group’s efforts paid off when our client received this valuable approval from our government.

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