Client: Adult Male U.S Citizen, Married to Non-U.S Citizen Wife
Country of Origin: China
Case Type: Asylum Application
Date of Application: May 20, 2004
Date of Approval: June 21, 2004

Our client was invited to teach in the U.S. in the early 1990s and retained Herman Legal Group after a failed attempt to apply for asylum.

The success of an asylum application depends on providing solid evidence that shows the details of persecution. As long as our government considers the story authentic and politically related, they will likely grant status. Herman Legal Group has years of experience handling many different types of Asylum cases.

With immigration law offices located in Cleveland, Columbus and Detroit, we also have a network of international lawyers from China, India, and other countries to best serve our clients from all over the world.

We helped our client prepare for the hearing and prove that his ongoing experience as a passionate writer concerning Chinese affairs and past experience as a persecuted dissenter resulted in incredible fear of returning to China (for decades, he experienced public censure, isolation, unusual physical punishment, and consistent harassment imposed on his family).

One month after the hearing, our client was granted asylum.

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