Client: Family
Client’s Country of Origin: China
Case Type: Marriage Green Card, I-751
Date of Application: 2017
Date of Approval: Current (2019)

Chief Paralegal Connie Cook of Herman Legal Group has expertise in all family immigration matters. Cook often assists clients with obtaining marriage green cards. Back in 2017, Cook helped a husband and wife with their immigration matter. The husband is a US citizen, and the wife (beneficiary) is a citizen of China. Between the two is a 30-year age difference. Although for marriage green cards there are no restrictions on age, relationships with larger age differences are more prone to be questioned for fraud by immigration authorities. However, with Chief Paralegal Cook’s assistance, our clients successfully applied for the marriage green card and have recently filed their I-751.

An I-751 is a petition to remove the conditions on the beneficiary’s permanent resident status received through the marriage green card. Furthermore, this form removes the 2-year conditional permanent resident’s status and if approved, the beneficiary receives a 10-year permanent resident card. Again, in order to be granted the lawful status, the applicant must provide proof of the bona fide marriage within the filing documents and during the interview with an immigration officer.

One year after our clients receive an approved I-751, the beneficiary may then apply for US citizenship. Overall, the process from marriage to actual citizenship has a timeframe of four and a half years.

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