Client: Adult Female U.S. Citizen Married to Chinese Citizen
Client’s Country of Origin: China
Case Type: I-130 Petition for Alien Relatives (Husband)
Date of Application: March 16, 2007
Date of Approval: March 21, 2007

Our client, a U.S. citizen, retained us to secure permanent resident status for her husband. We thus proceeded to advise our client how to prove that he was in fact a legally defined relative (husband) in law.

For cases of relative/marriage immigration involving Chinese clients, we act carefully. Past strings of fraudulent cases have unfortunately heightened scrutiny against law-abiding applicants. Therefore, we are more diligent in evidence-gathering to prove that the relationship at the question is genuine. Timing as evidence appears on paper matters.

As always, common sense dictates that pictures show more than telling words. Having more pictures candidly taken will help prove our argument on your behalf. We will make the best argument to our knowledge, ethically, based on your evidence. Remember, veracity as seen by the reviewing officer depends on the strength of your evidence. Ultimately, you determine how strong your case can be.

Herman Legal Group filed an immigration petition for an alien relative. We collected sufficient evidence to prove that the marriage was bona fide and the result of love and trust, within the legal definition for the alien relative petition.

Five days later, our client’s husband was granted immigration status.

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