Client: A Culinary School in the Guangdong Province of China
Client’s Country of Origin: China
Case Type: L-1A Visa Application
Date of Application: January, 2013
Date of Approval: January, 2014

A successful Chinese culinary school planned to establish a similar business in the U.S. The Chinese company funded its new enterprise in Greater Cleveland, Ohio with the intent of training chefs to work in high-end, authentically Chinese restaurants. The culinary school sought Herman Legal Group’s help to secure their choice manager to direct their business in the U.S.

The biggest challenge of the whole process was to prove that the manager met the requirements of the L-1A visa, while making sure the relevant corporations provided the required documents needed to accelerate the process. Our client was not familiar with the procedures or the translation of some of the legal documents, and therefore relied on Herman Legal Group’s professional services for this demanding case.

We filed on behalf of our client and submitted an L-1A petition for the U.S. entity.

The beneficiary, the client’s manager, was approved to work and set up the new business in the U.S.

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