Client: Adult Male Asylee Whose Wife was from Azerbaijan
Client’s Country of Origin: Azerbaijan
Case Type: I-730 Refugee / Asylee Relative Petition
Date of Application: December 11, 1997
Date of Approval: August 28, 1998

Herman Legal Group was retained by our client to secure immigration status for his wife. Our client was an asylee and his wife was from Azerbaijan.

America is a country with an inclusive attitude toward asylees as well as their relatives. In this case, we were obtaining immigration status for the wife of an asylee in America. The important points we had to prove were that firstly, the client was an authentic asylee with regulated standards; secondly, his wife satisfied all the requirements to apply for the immigration status; thirdly, they had a bona fide marriage which was real and lawful. In order to prove this, we had to gather evidence from all aspects and file required documents constantly.

We helped our client prove that his marriage was bona fide, still in existence, and within the meaning of the relevant provision.

About eight months later, our client’s wife received her status to stay in the U.S. Our efforts paid off when our client received approval from the U.S. government.

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