Client: Adult Male Immigrant, Securing Status for His Wife
Client’s Country of Origin: Albania
Case Type: I-832D Petition for Consideration for Deferred Action Based on Childhood Arrival
Date of Application: October 2, 2012
Date of Approval: April 11, 2013

Our client retained Herman Legal Group to secure immigration status for his wife. After we secured her status, we also filed a petition for deferred action. We wanted to make sure that in two years, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (U.S.C.I.S.) would not prosecute his her.

In this case, our client and we preferred to make the safe decision. As much as his wife already secured immigration status, probability of deportation was still imminent. Therefore, once we found her to be eligible for Deferred Action, we proceeded to file I-821D Consideration for Deferred Actions. This approval helped shield our client’s wife for two years, and may serve as evidence to prove her good conduct.

We helped our client prove that his wife:

  1. Was under 31 before the mandated date.
  2. Was under 16 before she arrived in the U.S.
  3. Was physically present when requesting to the U.S.C.I.S. for deferred action.
  4. Was in possession of required educational or military service credentials.
  5. Was free of criminal records, felony, misdemeanor, or national security crimes.

About six months later, our client’s wife received the approval.

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