Client: A Lighting Equipment Manufacturer and Distributor
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Case Type: E-2 Investor Visa Application
Date of Application: June 18, 2014
Date of Approval: June 19, 2014

A young Asian entrepreneur expressed his desire to establish an American affiliate to produce and distribute high-quality lighting products in Northeast Ohio. He was at the end of his OPT status and did not make the H-1B lottery. After consulting with us and at our suggestion, he decided to apply for E-2 status.


  1. The manager was of status and in the “gray” area; his OPT expired at the time of application.
  2. Getting together all evidence quickly.

E-2, Treaty State Investor Status, is only available to nationals of the treaty states or territories with the United States. Thus, the first challenge was to make sure that our client was eligible for E-2 status. Taiwan, formally known as the Republic of China, is recognized as a state-like entity by the United States. Therefore, Taiwanese are eligible for this particular venue to stay as entrepreneurs.

Second, the client also must hold a position in the company eligible for E-2 status. In this case, being Chief Manager made him eligible.
Lastly, we had to make sure that there was a registered company at the location stated in the application. To prove this company, not a shell, there also must be proof of capital, often in loans, lined up to finance initial operations. Our business visa team will be happy to help you navigate through the details of this application.

We helped our client receive approval in one day. His new status made it possible for him to establish his enterprise and continue to work and grow his business in Cleveland, Ohio.

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