Client: Adult Female, H-1B Status About to Expire
Client’s Country of Origin: Taiwan
Case Type: National Interest Waiver Application
Date of Application: June 18, 2012
Date of Approval: September 12, 2012

After holding H-1B status for five years and 10 months, our client was about out of status. Even with multiple advanced degrees and a stable career, the talented musician was ready to leave the U.S. when she sought help from Herman Legal Group’s immigration lawyers in Cleveland.

Time was of the essence and the conservatory where our client worked did not sponsor this application.

Since the conservatory where our client worked did not sponsor any application, we took a different strategy to enable our client to stay in the U.S. permanently. We applied for her National Interest Waiver (commonly known as NIW) application which allows for self-sponsorship.

We helped prove that direct admission (without employment offer and labor certification) of our client into the rank of permanent resident would benefit the United States. This special category of employment-based immigration is also called EB-2. Be wary of whether your particular trade or professional will allow you to apply for National Interest Waiver and consult a reliable immigration lawyer before proceeding.

With Herman Legal Group’s help, our client’s National Interest Waiver was approved in three months and she received work authorization immediately. Within three months of her waiver approval, she received her green card.

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