Client: U.S. Special Material Manufacturer
Beneficiary’s Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Case Type: Employment-Based Green Card
Date of Application: September 27, 2010
Date of Approval: March 15, 2011

Our client wished to hire an English manager for a long-term position in the United States. Having previously secured nonimmigrant status for the same manager, Herman Legal Group was retained again to secure permanent residence status for our client’s choice manager. To achieve our client’s goal, we filed an I-485 Petition for Adjustment of Status with another immigration petition.

There are actually fewer twists and turns behind the lines of eligibility criteria. However, the weight of this case relied on the immigration petition. The immigration petition for this case was an I-140 immigration petition for skilled workers and professionals which is very detailed an often invites additional requests for evidence.

We helped our client prove that:

    1. The beneficiary met all criteria to be eligible for adjustment of status based on the categorized employment.
    2. There was no violation of status perpetrated by the beneficiary.
    3. The beneficiary would be employed by his sponsor, who actually needed the beneficiary.

Days after the approval of the immigration petition, our client’s choice manager was granted his green card. Within six months after the application, our client finally was able to employ its manager without extensive concerns for immigration status.

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