Client: Dental Practice in a Suburb of Cleveland, Ohio
Beneficiary’s Country of Origin: South Korea
Case Type: I-485 Green Card Application Based on Employment
Date of Application: May 20, 2008
Date of I-140 Approval: August 22, 2008
Date of I-485 Approval: January 2009

Our client retained Herman Legal Group to keep an experienced dentist for its service.

Employment green card application may appear simple and straightforward in its rationale, however, the actual compilation and sorting of evidence, construction of the argument, and presenting persuasive highlights are more arduous than one may imagine. An employer must, by itself or mostly through lawyers, file an application to prove that this particular immigrant is valuable to its mission and thus deserving a green card. After all, permanent resident status is a great benefit. The scrutiny involved during the reviewing process is high. Please do consult a reliable and trustworthy immigration attorney should you be thinking about such an application.

We helped our client prove that:

  1. The hiring organization would continue to sponsor the beneficiary with further employment.
  2. The beneficiary entered the U.S. with the inspection.
  3. The beneficiary had no violations of status.
  4. The beneficiary had no felony records.

Less than three months after our client’s immigration petition (I-140) was granted, the dentist was granted permanent resident status (green card).

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