Client: Adult Male, Senior Policymaker of a Key Economic Institution in Nigeria
Client’s Country of Origin: Nigeria
Case Type: EB-1 Petition for Alien with Extraordinary Ability in Arts, Science, Business or Athletics
Date of Application: April 28, 2010
Date of Approval: May 6, 2010

Our client was an internationally recognized and respected academician. He was also a well published author and an experienced expert in macroeconomics. He was the chief economist and policymaker of a key economic institution in Nigeria when he retained Herman Legal Group to file an extraordinary ability petition under the EB-1 category on his behalf. Because of his extraordinary background and talents, he sponsored himself, unlike outstanding researchers who need sponsorship from employers.

Herman Legal Group helped our client prove that he met all criteria to demonstrate extraordinary ability in macroeconomic research. His authorship was extensive and his papers were frequently cited. In addition, he had written major chapters in textbooks. Decades of experience as a senior officer in government also proved him to be a seasoned practitioner able to craft fundamental economic policies.

The case was approved eight days later. Our client now lives with his family in the U.S. and continues to pursue his passion for institutional consulting.

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