Client: Green Card Holder
Client’s Country of Origin: Scotland
Case Type: Criminal and Removal

Our client retained Attorney Frank Krajenke of Herman Legal Group because he was near facing removal for multiple criminal convictions. As a citizen of Scotland, our client obtained his green card through marriage with a US citizen.

Prior to consulting us, our client had been formally represented by a criminal defense attorney unfamiliar with immigration law. While a criminal lawyer may believe it is in one’s best interest to plead guilty to a crime in order to lessen the charge or sentence, when representing an immigrant, the counsel must inform his client of possible removal consequences when pleading.

Unaware of the repercussions, our client pleads guilty to charges that arose from a physical encounter with law enforcement, multiple of which were felonious charges that would put him at risk of deportation.

Upon retaining Attorney Krajenke, our client was able to contest his convictions on the grounds of not being informed by prior counsel of potential immigration consequences when entering a guilty plea. In addition, counsel obtained medical reports to contest our client’s neurological conditions at the time of the encounter.

Even as a lawful permanent resident, our client was not only subject to surrender his green card, but he was also at high risk of removal. After the much-sought effort, Attorney Krajenke dismissed or amended all original charges and ultimately lessened the plea to a low-level charge without grounds for removal.

Furthermore, with the assistance of skilled counsel, our client maintained his US employment which was subject to termination due to original criminal charges, and maintained lawful permanent resident status.

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