Client: Adult Female, Permanent Resident
Client’s Country of Origin: Kenya
Case Type: I-90 Application for Lost Green Card Replacement
Date of Application: March 5, 2008
Date of Approval: August 26, 2008

Our client, a frequent international traveler, inadvertently lost her green card and retained Herman Legal Group to apply for a replacement.

Even though replacing a green card is not as difficult as applying for one, it can bring troubles and inconvenience. More serious is the possibility of the lost card being used by someone else to commit crimes, which then leads to unfavorable records for the original cardholder. It is important to retain an experienced immigration lawyer who can help deal with this type of case efficiently and properly.

Herman Legal Group helped our Canadian client file a complete application for her replacement green card in a timely manner. We replied to a request for evidence concerning name changes on different documents and informed her representative’s office of possible assistance.

Less than six months later and after one request for evidence, our client received her replacement green card.

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