Client: A Manufacturer of Very Specialized Material
Client’s Country of Origin: Kazakhstan
Case Type: H-1B Nonimmigrant Work Visa
Date of Application: August 11, 2010
Date of Approval: December 29, 2010

Our client, a material manufacturing company, needed highly specialized engineers to meet expanding demands for specialized material in the field of metallurgy. Herman Legal Group was retained to help secure H-1B status for our client’s newly hired employee.

Time was of t Because the United States Congress does want to balance the need of introducing high-skilled talents through the H-1B program and keeping jobs at home for citizens, we had to make a convincing argument that the beneficiary met all criteria prescribed in relevant positions and federal regulation. The standard for this case was as rigorous as other H-1B cases.

Herman Legal Group helped our client prove that due to the sophisticated nature of its manufacturing process, a bachelor’s degree of the field was a minimal requirement for the offered position.

Our client was able to hire an outstanding scientist without an issue.

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