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Herman Legal Group’s devoted office in South University Avenue Chicago assembles the most trustworthy, competent and top-rated attorneys in the United States. Our dedicated team of lawyers remains at your disposal, to support, help and guide you through the legal procedures of the H1B visa and any other legal-related matters. Our consulting services are adapted to your specific situation and serve your best interests. Our culturally diverse team, which speaks over 12 different languages genuinely cares about the perplexes of your situation and makes helping you a priority.

Employment and lifestyle in Chicago

If you are considering Chicago as your work destination then one thing is for sure: you will not have too much difficulty finding employment! The extremely diverse work industries of Chicago make it a great place for expats who are seeking employment opportunities.

It has one of the most varied economies in the United States and it plays an important employment role for both national and international job seekers. Thanks to its diverse job market; which includes key industries such as biotech, manufacturing, business and financial services, health services, transportation and distribution, it is becoming a place where everyone can fit in.

Not to mention that Chicago’s communities are very friendly, kind and down to earth as well as the diverse cultural activities and facilities that you will have the chance to explore! In short, there is a lot to see and benefit from by working in Chicago!

Working in Chicago Through an H1B visa

If you already secured a job with a U.S based employer, and are planning to move to Chicago, then you need to apply for an H1B visa. Which is a temporary, non-immigrant visa, that is popular and commonly used by employer who wish to bring foreign nationals to work in specialty occupations, which are usually complex position that require exceptional merit and knowledge as well as a certain level of education.

Applying for an H1B visa can be quite overwhelming and a lot to handle especially for foreign nationals who are not used to U.S law rules and regulations that are generally very strict. Which is why it would be wiser to invest in getting the help of an H1B immigration attorney.

What are the H1B visa requirements?

The United States has very strict policies when it comes to visas, each visa type and category has certain eligibility conditions and requirements, and finding the right visa type for your specific situation is the first thing to do to get a positive outcome. Some of the most important eligibility requirements for the H1B visa are the following:

  • First, you must secure a job with a reliable U.S based employer and the job itself has to meet the specialty occupation conditions.
  • A specialty occupation is a profession that normally requires a bachelor’s degrees (or higher) in a specialty field and a highly specialized knowledge as a minimum entry level.
  • The employer that hired you is responsible for your H1B visa application and he has to file a labor condition with the Department of Labor regarding the terms and conditions of their contract with you.
  • You must demonstrate that you have the ability to work in that particular job and are skilled enough to perform the required duties.
  • You must prove that you are coming to the U.S to work in that particular specialty occupation and not to pursue a hobby or to give free advice or any humanitarian service.

The above-mentioned are a few examples of the H1B visa eligibility criteria; you can find a detailed list by checking the USCIS H-1B Specialty Occupations !

Do you need an immigration lawyer?

Navigating the H1B visa process from keeping up with the legal procedures, preparing the necessary paperwork and responding to any potential USCIS request can be nerve wrecking.

Which is why, having a well-versed and trustworthy immigration attorney by your side, to guide you through this journey would be a wise and essential investment! Starting your application correctly and properly filing the required paperwork will not only make your H1B visa process easier, but it will also spare you a lot of unexpected trouble. Do not hesitate to consult a good immigration lawyer!

Why do you need Herman Legal Group!

Herman Legal Group provides you with the best H1B legal services! Our devoted and experienced immigration attorneys are dedicated to guide, help you with your H1B visa application, and provide you with the necessary assistance.

Call Herman Legal Group and schedule an appointment with immigration attorney Richard Herman to start your H1B visa application as soon as possible! We assist you wherever needed, whether in Chicago, Illinois its surrounding regions or throughout the entire United States.

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