Client: A Dental Clinic in Suburb of Cleveland, Ohio
Client’s Country of Origin: South Korea
Case Type: H-1B Status (I-29 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker, H Category)
Date of Application: June 12, 2006
Date of I-360 Approval: June 21, 2006

Our client, the employer, retained Herman Legal Group’s immigration lawyers in Cleveland to secure status for its newly hired dentist to meet the demand for its services.

As much as H-1B applications appear to be run-of-the-mill cases, clients really have to be sure that their choice employee meets all criteria prescribed in law. In addition, labor certification must be completed prior to filing the H-1B application through form I-129; otherwise, there is no proof that the chosen candidate would meet the minimum expectation of the job and the criteria in the provisions governing H-1B status. Please do consult with a trustworthy immigration attorney so that your choice employee can work for you without unwanted immigration concerns.

We helped our client prove that the new hire received advanced training, was a member of a profession that requires the application of a specialized body of knowledge, and that the offered salary satisfied the criteria.

Nine days later, our client’s choice dentist could legally work.

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