Client: Adult Male U.S. Citizen Married to Immigrant Wife
Client’s Country of Origin: Hungary
Case Type: Renewal of Green Card
Date of Application: March 19, 2014
Date of Approval: August 11, 2014

After immigration authorities refused to renew his wife’s green card, based on a claim of fraud, our client retained us to renew permanent resident status for his wife.

It is difficult, as well as important, to prove that the offense was waivable because defrauding is a very serious problem in the green card process. This seemed to be the only way to go and only by successfully proving this waivable offense could we help our client win the case. After our considerate and thoughtful analysis of the case of our client’s wife, we came out with an effective solution and we provided solid evidence for our party.

We helped our client prove that the previous ground of inadmissibility should be waived because the mistake she made on her previous application was a waivable offense.

In less than five months, our client’s wife was granted the waiver of grounds of inadmissibility and her permanent resident status.

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