Client: Adult Female U.S. Citizen Husband Involved in Removal Proceeding
Client’s Country of Origin: Jordan
Case Type: I-130 Immigration Petition for Alien Relatives (Spouse)
Date of Application: February 25, 2011
Date of I-360 Approval: May 27, 2011
Date of I-485 Approval: June 2, 2011

Our client retained Herman Legal Group to secure immigration status for her husband who was in removal proceedings at the time.

Evidence gathering for this kind of case is especially critical because love and trust are really hard to show on paper. In addition, you must show skeptic immigration officials, during the interview, that the marriage is indeed the result of love and trust. That is, the marriage came first and is an end in itself, not a means to the immigration benefits.

For this purpose, clients must be patient and willing to gather detailed evidence, persistently or even daily, for a long period of time. If you are considering anything for immigration status for your beloved spouse, please do consult a trustworthy immigration attorney.

Herman Legal Group first filed an I-130 petition to secure immigration status for the husband as a basis for future favorable arguments. We worked to prove that our client’s marriage was bona fide and thus should exempt her husband from the ongoing proceeding.

Six days after the interview with immigration officials, our client’s husband was granted an immigration status, a strong basis for later green card application.

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