Client: Adult Male Immigrant, Experienced Technician at Northeast Ohio Manufacturer
Client’s Country of Origin: Poland
Case Type: I-140 Immigration Petition for Skilled Workers or Professionals
Date of Application: June 16, 2008
Date of Approval: April 13, 2009

After several unsuccessful attempts and misfiled cases by other attorneys, our client, a Polish immigrant, retained Herman Legal Group’s services. Our immigration lawyers in Northeast Ohio carefully crafted a reasonable strategy for our client that included reapplying for immigration status as a skilled worker or professional.

Our client encountered one of the most distasteful nightmares an immigrant can imagine: repeated mishandling by retained attorneys.

Herman Legal Group advised our client to choose the more reasonable strategy instead of riskier ones such as political asylum. We chose to pursue employment-based immigration based on our client’s stable employment record. We were able to demonstrate that our client exceeded the criteria based on his verifiable employment record of more than a decade from the same firm.

Our concern and advice were proven correct as shown by the eventual grant of permanent resident status after the grant of immigration status (approval I-140), a strong basis for his eventual acquisition of a permanent residence.

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