Client: Medical Research Institute in Cleveland, Ohio
Client’s Country of Origin: China
Case Type: I-140 Petition for Skilled Worker or Professional (Often Includes Outstanding Researcher)
Date of Application: December 28, 2011
Date of Approval: August 22, 2012

Upon its decision to hire an outstanding researcher on a permanent basis, our client retained Herman Legal Group’s experienced immigration attorneys in Cleveland to secure immigration status for its choice employee.

As much as our client, the petitioner, is a frequent flier of this particular application, this case required much care. We had to prove each and every criterion by verifiable evidence. Because this petition was on the behalf of the employer, we had to make a persuasive argument as to why the employer, based on the the offer, needed this employee who met all criteria. Our argument is only as strong as the evidence gathered allows it to be. Before proceeding with this type of immigration petition, it is important to consult with a reliable immigration lawyer.

We found the beneficiary eligible for this benefit, and we filed the I-140 petition to achieve our client’s objective. We helped our client prove that its choice researcher had been internationally recognized in his particular field, possessed more than three years of research experience in his field of expertise, and that the application was based on an offer from the current employer.

Within eight months, our client’s choice employee was granted an immigration status to continue his research in the U.S.

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