Client: Adult Female Non-U.S. Citizen in Removal Proceeding
Client’s Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Case Type: I-140 Immigration Petition for Skilled Worker or Professional
Date of Application: October 4, 2013
Date of Approval: May 20, 2014

After holding his L-1 status for a while, the company wished to retained its executive, transferred from United Kingdom, in a Cleveland suburb. Herman Legal Group was therefore retained to secure, on behalf of the company for the executive, an immigration status.

We were retained by the employer, essentially, to make a persuasive argument to the immigration authority for the necessity of hiring this particular alien with an immigration status. Extensive evidence gathering is crucial. For this type of case, the nature of the evidence required by law to prove each criterion tends to be the verifiable type. Therefore, professional legal advice is even more necessary for this kind of case. Please consult a reliable and trustworthy attorney before you proceed.

With our help, our client successfully verified its manager’s professional experience in the past two years in the United Kingdom.

Eight months later, our client’s manager received approval and had a strong case for his pending green card application.

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