Client: A Building Contractor in Northeast Ohio
Client’s Country of Origin: Guatemala
Case Type: I-140 Immigration Petition for Skilled Worker or Professional (Labor Certification Often Required)
Date of Application: July 11, 2013
Date of Approval: August 20, 2013

After an unsuccessful attempt by another attorney, our client retained Herman Legal Group to clear rejection based on suspicion of fraudulent intention. This case demonstrated our ability to advocate for our clients in front of immigration authorities.

This case was a crown jewel showing our attorneys’ dedication and professionalism to our clients. To win our client’s immigration status, we dedicated ourselves to clear suspicion espoused by arbitrary judgment and lack of communication. Faced with arbitrary denial from an overseas embassy, our client’s immigration petition was rejected due to suspicion of fraudulent activities and a mishandle by another attorney.

Herman Legal Group helped our client demonstrate that he exceeded the criteria of two years of verifiable record of qualified employment based on reliable record prepared overseas, and thus successfully refuted immigration authorities’ argument of fraud only based on verbal communication.

Forty days later, our client was granted an immigration status to continue his employment in the U.S.

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