Client: UK Company
Client’s Country of Origin: UK
Case Type: L1-A Status for Multinational Executive or Manager
Date of Application: May 13, 2013
Date of Approval: May 16, 2013

Our client wished to transfer an outstanding manager from its UK subsidiary to its headquarters in the US. They retained us to obtain this capable executive from its English subsidiary with time being of the essence.

It is very difficult to prove that a corporation abroad satisfies all the requirements of an L-1A visa without the help of experienced immigration lawyers. At Herman Legal Group, we build a solid trust with our clients and worked cooperatively gather the required evidence to solidify the process.

Herman Legal Group helped our client, the parent company, prove that the manager possessed all necessary experience and other requirements for the position.

Within one week, our client’s choice manager was approved to work in Northeast Ohio. He was really surprised with our speed and satisfied with the result.

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