Client: Student
Client’s Country of Origin: Venezuela

Chief Paralegal Connie Cook of Herman Legal Group assisted our client with obtaining lawful status. Our client is a citizen of Venezuela and originally came to the US to visit family. Later, our client began her schooling and adjusted to student status. From then, she remained in the US for more than ten consecutive years, and finally, in 2016, her US citizen relative filed an I-130 petition on her behalf in order to commence the adjustment of status process for lawful permanent residence.

Due to our client being over 21 years of age, she was anticipated to bear a long waiting period prior to being issued a visa. The USCIS sets a quota each year for family-based visas—once the quota is met, the USCIS stops issuing visas until the next fiscal year, which creates a backlog of visa applicants. It is not uncommon for applicants over 21 to anticipate waiting years before approval to submit just the green card application. Depending on various factors, the average wait time for immigrants of this category can last from ten to 24 years.

However, with the assistance of Herman Legal Group counsel, our client’s case was successful in the sense that the longer duration of a waiting period was eliminated, and our client was able to file for her visa afterward. Expand??

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