Client: Adult Male U.S. Citizen Husband Seeking Immigration Status for Wife
Client’s Country of Origin: Poland
Case Type: I-130 Petition for Alien Relative (Wife) and I-485 Adjustment of Status Based on Marriage to U.S. Citizen (Marriage Green Card)
Date of Application: June 20, 2014
Date of Approval: September 9, 2014

Our U.S. citizen client retained us to secure immigration status for his wife, a legally defined relative.

Marriage green card cases are typically straightforward, yet some cautions are necessary. Skeptic immigration officers read for clues to reasonably support denial of application. Herman Legal Group’s immigration attorneys in Detroit, Cleveland and Columbus can advise on the most effective type of evidence gathering. As a result, you can offer us the material needed to make the strongest case available to you at the time.

Herman Legal Group helped prove that this marriage was bona fide, thus, the result of love and trust, within the defined legal relation with an eligible alien relative.

Two and a half months later, our client’s wife received her marriage green card on the same day as approval for the alien relatives petition.

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