Client: Adult Female U.S. Citizen Married to Iranian Citizen
Client’s Country of Origin: Iran
Case Type: I-485 Adjustment of Status Based on Marriage to U.S. Citizen (Marriage Green Card)
Date of Application: June 17, 2014
Date of Interview: September 4, 2014
Date of Approval: September 18, 2014

Our clients, who are more than 30 years apart, retained Herman Legal Group to prepare for their interview.

Preparation of documentation in light of an in-person interview is a challenging part of this process. For marriage green card cases, we advise our clients on how to gather, not just enough, but sufficient evidence.

With our help, clients can properly document useful information to prove to skeptical officials what may be true and easily foreseeable to them. The crux is to prove that this marriage is really the result of love and trust, but the strength of evidence, the art of writing and the art of interview will influence the outcome.

A reliable lawyer can give you timely and useful counsel to help rid you of looming immigration concern for your loved ones.

Our experienced immigration lawyers at Herman Legal Group helped proved that our client’s marriage with the immigrant husband was bona fide and the result of love and trust, regardless of the age disparity.

Two weeks after the interview, the husband was granted permanent resident status (green card).

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