First responders prepared for the worst, as the waters of the canal pose a unique danger due to high water levels and swift currents. Authorities reported eight deaths in one week. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said these canals are deeper than they appear and often have strong currents and eddies this time of year as water is released from upstream reservoirs for irrigation.

CBP urges migrants not to take risks and warns people of the scorching desert heat and dangerous waters. More than 14,000 searches and rescues have been conducted along the southern border of the United States since October.

The critical situation of the migrants                             

Migrants who come to the US-Mexico border, seeking to join the US through the canal come in a desperate state of mind. First, they often travel a long way to the border combining long-distance walks and other critical traveling conditions. Moreover, the heat of the desert at these times is very high and this may drain them up before they reach the canal.

Very tired before they jump in the canal’s water, they don’t have enough strength to swim well. Also, the water current is very strong and quickly sweeps them away. Though the US water rescue team had been trained for the worse, it has always been a big risk for both the migrants and their own lives.

However, pushed by the worst situation in their homelands they possibly prefer to die swept away by the water current rather than undergo the horrible situations in their country.

The humanitarian work of the firefighting service at the border

According to the US water rescue team, the US federal government, as well as the State government are trying their best to rescue migrants from the speedy and roaring water. The canal is destined to channel water to the peasants in the summer months.

Kris Merendes, the captain of El Paso’s Fire Department’s water rescue team told CNN “It could mean life or death. No doubt.” Though the channel seems a bit superficial it is in fact deeper than one may think.  The water rescue team had tried their best to rescue as many people as possible but, it is reported that there has been up to eight death in one week.

They are trying to rescue as many migrants as possible but it is unlikely to rescue 100%.  The US Customs and Border Protection said that over 14,000 searches and rescues had occurred since last October. This is more than 1500 more attempts compared with the statistics in the year 2021. Some of the migrants also climb the wall, fell to the other side, and get injured.

The figures indicated that more than 229 people had suffered injuries between October and May. These injuries were either at their ankles or at their brain. The agents had done their very best by taking them to hospitals for proper treatments.

For other authorities, Title 41 has helped the number of migrants increase as many people are expelled from the board under that law which the Biden administration tried to roll out in vain. According to local authorities in charge of the border, many migrants from neighboring countries force themselves to the border, knowing it is not going to be easy for them to get an official asylum permission.

Sheltering the migrants     

Due to the increasingly growing number of migrants who despite all are finding their way to the US through the US-Mexico border, it is evident that providing them with shelter can be challenging. Some US Based NGOs are solicited to help. The Department of Homeland Security said they may send migrants to cities a bit far from the border this will help them to offer at least a shelter to them if some of the NGOs there can agree with them.

In order to soften the process, those who are released from custody will see their files processed as soon as possible. Once their files are accepted, they can then be sent to Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, in, order to reduce the number of migrants in the shelters near the border. Once the decision is made, said a DHS authority, this will be done in partnership with local NGOs in those specific areas that can handle this matter.

Although chances are that the number of migrants at the US-Mexico may continue to increase, we hope all these will be a faint memory one day.

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