Client: Adult Male Green Card Holder in Removal Proceeding
Client’s Country of Origin: Jordan
Case Type: Motion to Terminate During Removal Proceeding
Date of Application: August 20, 2014
Date of Approval: September 3, 2014

Our client, a green card holder, retained us for deportation defense due to his criminal conviction which caused the government to place him in removal proceeding.

Motion to terminate is a formal request of the court, in this case, the immigration judge, to end the case. The crux of this case came down to undue and extraordinary difficulties for the family, should removal occur. This kind of legal issue, in its core, is of humanitarian concern.

Difficulties must be extraordinary, that is, beyond common and foreseeable range of acceptable hardship. Normally, cases are stronger when such a difficulty involves family. A textbook case is that the person in the middle of proceedings is the only source of income for a family of two children and a U.S. citizen wife, who had to care for a visually impaired child. Only use this type of humanitarian cause, if one is available; the threshold is higher than what people may expect.

Herman Legal Group helped our client prove that his removal from the U.S. would result in undue and extraordinary difficulties for his family.

In less than a month after filing the motion, the removal proceeding was terminated and our client was able to stay in the U.S.

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