Client: Family
Client’s Country of Origin: Burkina Faso
Case Type: I-485 Application for Marriage Visa/Asylum
Date of Application: October 2018
Date of Approval: June 2019

Our client, a citizen of Burkina Faso, came to the US originally seeking asylum. During his time in the states, he obtained work and delivered medication to pharmacies around town. While on the job, he met a woman technician and became drawn to her. Soon later, they began talking and started a relationship, and eventually, the technician became his wife.

Once the two united in marriage, our client considered applying for a marriage green card. However, he was still on pending asylum status. Our client retained Herman Legal Group counsel to receive guidance on what steps to take in order to obtain lawful permanent residency as quickly and efficiently as possible. Attorney Erin James assisted with the foregoing matter.

Because asylum cases may take months to years before an interview date is assigned, Attorney James knew how to stagger the process. She helped our client file an I-485 application for a marriage visa and informed a couple of the interview process.

The asylum interview was scheduled first. Attorney James attended that interview with our client, along with the letter stating that the client has a pending marriage green card application, and requested to administratively close the asylum case, which was closed that day.

In light of concerns of marriage fraud, the USCIS conducts strict interviews seeking answers in specificity and unanimity. At our client’s interview, complications arose. Due to a language barrier, our client could not comprehend all questions posed by the officer. As a result, our client was not providing concrete answers. The interview became tough as the officer grew frustrated, impatient, and began searching for flaws in the marriage.

In the end, our client relieved the tension and told authentic stories about the marriage that eventually got the officer enjoying them. Within a few days, the couple was approved for a marriage visa.

Our client and his wife were very happy about the outcome.

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