Client: Adult Male U.S. Citizen, Married to Non-U.S. Citizen Wife
Client’s Country of Origin: Peru
Case Type: I-130 Immigration Petition for Alien Relatives (Spouse)
Date of Application: April 15, 2014
Date of Interview: July 14, 2014
Date of Approval: July 15, 2014

Our client retained Herman Legal Group’s immigration lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio to secure permanent residence for his wife.

We helped our client prove that his marriage was bona fide and the result of love and trust. Marriage green card cases now include an interview, which may require legal assistance. We also helped our client how to interview best understand the interviewing officer’s expectations. Overall, our client was able to present an account that his wife met all criteria set in law and was eligible for a green card.

In just three months and one day after their interview, our client’s wife was granted a marriage green card.