Client: Adult Male U.S. Citizen, Securing Immigration Status for His Parents
Client’s Country of Origin: India
Case Type: I-130 Petition for Alien Relatives (Parents)
Date of Application: December 30, 2002
Date of Approval: August 2, 2004

Our client retained Herman Legal Group to secure immigration for his parents in India.

The underlying challenge was similar to many cases – veracity as the case appeared before skeptic readers, fatigued by a heavy reading load.

Herman Legal Group filed a standard I-130 immigration petition for alien relative and orphans. We helped our client prove that the claimed parents were in fact and in good faith the real parents of our client, therefore entitled to immigration status through proper procedure. Documentation determined the ultimate strength of our case.

This particular case, perhaps because not marriage-related, was approved later than most of our I-130 alien relative immigration petition cases. In the end, our client was reunited with his parents.

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