Client: Adult Male Naturalized U.S. Citizen Seeking Immigration Status for Parents
Client’s Country of Origin: Palestine
Case Type: I-130 Petition for Alien Relatives (Parents)
Date of Application: June 7, 2002
Date of Approval: November 25, 2002

Our client, a U.S. citizen, retained Herman Legal Group to secure immigration statuses for his parents. We then proceeded to file the standard I-130 immigration petition for alien relatives, widows, and orphans. Our mission was to prove that our client’s direct relatives, as defined in law, were eligible for this benefit.

The core challenge that many immigration issues face is qualifying the relationship shown in the case as being in good faith and real. Alien relative petition for parents is typically not scrutinized as highly as other cases such as marriage green card cases (due to the potential of fraudulent marriage).

We helped our client prove his relationship with his parents was real and in good faith. That is, the parent-child relationship as presented in the case was within the meaning of relevant provisions for blood relatives.

About five months later, within the normally expected timeframe, our client’s alien relative petition was approved for both parents.

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