Over the weekend, a shelter for Muslim migrants opened in San Diego and Tijuana, the first of its kind in Mexico. The shelter was created by the Latino Muslim Foundation, which raised $500,000 to build the facility. The shelter can accommodate up to 150 asylum seekers. Immigrants will receive housing, medical care, meals and legal services.

Medical services include appropriate psychological, dental and other assistance. The shelter will also initiate programs to help asylum seekers learn about North American culture and customs while waiting to enter the United States.

Along these lines, Sonia Tinico, president of the Latino Muslim Foundation said, quote “We will be able to provide shelter for Muslims seeking to travel to the United States or Canada.” She explains that I quote, “Because we are on one of the largest borders in the world, it is a point of pride that we are here to help those who reach the border.

Grants to build the foundation

Fundraising campaigns have been underway for three years. Approximately $500,000 has been spent to build the 8,000-square-foot facility.

Days after the foundation, which can house up to 150 asylum seekers, Tinico said immigrants would receive housing, medical care, meals and legal services at the facility.

“Because we don’t eat pork, they can pray here and have a halal meal without pork,” she said. “We will have separate spaces for women and men.”

Tinico also said immigrants will receive counseling, dental assistance and workshops to help asylum seekers learn about North American culture and customs.

Baja California is providing doctors and other resources to help the refuge and those who will stay there, she said.

Illegal crossings of the U.S.-Mexico border: an alarming number

For years, Judicial Watch has documented the growing number of Muslim migrants, including those from terrorist states, entering the United States through the Mexican border. The agency’s latest figures show that 222,656 illegal immigrants were apprehended at the southwest border in May, more than any other month in history.

The previous one-month record was set in March 2000, when frontline Homeland Security reported 223,305 arrests. In addition, federal agents processed more than 1.5 million illegal immigrants during that fiscal year. Within three months of the end of the fiscal year, at the current rate, that number will certainly exceed the 2021 record of 1.7 million.

The latest government statistics show that a quarter of the illegal alien encounters reported in May involved repeat offenders arrested by federal agents before this year. The breakdown shows that Mexicans crossed the border illegally the most in May, at about 77,000, followed by Cubans (25,348), Guatemalans (21,382), Hondurans (19,491) Colombians (19,040), Nicaraguans (18,944), Haitians (10,418), Salvadorans (8,955), Brazilians (5,118), Venezuelans (5,078), Russians (3,394) and Ecuadorians (3,045).

The batch of records does not provide a breakdown including Muslims, but there have long been reports of an increase in numbers. Earlier this year, Arab media reported that thousands of Muslims from the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa were attempting to reach the U.S.-Mexico border each month.

In this story, the leader of a religious immigrant group in Brazil estimates that 20 percent of all the people they welcomed on their journey to the United States in 2020 were Muslims.

Countries with alarming numbers of illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border

In recent years, increasing numbers of illegal aliens from terrorist countries, including Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, have attempted to enter the United States via Mexico. This has increased the number of Muslims seeking asylum and the efforts to accommodate them at the Tijuana border.

In recent years, an impressive number of immigrants from Bangladesh, a recruiting ground for terrorist groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), have been captured by federal agents along the U.S. line at the Mexican border.

At the start of the fiscal year that began in September, the Border Patrol encountered tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from dozens of countries, including Africa and the Middle East. In the first month alone, the Del Rio branch of the Texas Border Patrol recorded 28,111 illegal aliens from more than 50 countries. These include Syria, Lebanon, Eritrea, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, a Central Asian country bordering Afghanistan that was controlled by the Taliban after the abrupt withdrawal of American troops.

Mexico: A hotbed of Islamic terrorism? 

It should be noted that Mexico is a hotbed of Islamic terrorism concentrated on the U.S. border. As part of an ongoing investigation into national security threats along the southern border, Judicial Watch reports that Islamic jihadists train in southern border towns near U.S. cities and team up with Mexican drug cartels to infiltrate the United States.

Years ago, a senior Department of Homeland Security official confirmed to Judicial Watch that Mexican drug traffickers were helping Mexico-based Islamic terrorists enter the United States in search of future targets. Among the jihadists who crossed the southern border was a Kuwaiti named Sheikh Mahmoud Omar Habir, an Islamic State member who lived in Chihuahua, Mexico, not far from El Paso.

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