Client: Marketing Company in Cleveland, Ohio
Client’s Country of Origin: India
Case Type: H-1B Visa
Date of Application: February 18, 2015
Date of Approval: March 11, 2015

Herman Legal Group was retained by our client’s parent company. We first applied for labor certification for this beneficiary’s position, and acquired approval early in March, 2015. Upon receiving the labor certification, we quickly submitted H-1B application on behalf of our client.

Time was of the essence. Labor certification must be filed timely so that the approval to hire an alien may arrive before submitting the application. We filed the labor certification early, received the approval in time, and filed the H-1B application on time.

We helped our client prove that the choice candidate met all criteria. She received advanced training, was a member of a profession that required application of a specialized body of knowledge, and the offered salary satisfy the prevailing wages of the intended area of occupation. Moreover, with the passage of labor certification, we already helped prove that there was no able, willing and qualified U.S. worker available for the position at the time.

In less than a month, our client’s choice software engineer was granted H-1B status to work for three more years in Texas.

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