Client: Adult Female U.S. Citizen Married to U.K. Citizen
Client’s Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Case Type: I-130 Immigration Petition for Relative
Date of Application: July 15, 2014
Date of Approval: July 28, 2014

Our client’s previous application was an unsuccessful attempt due to confusion over the criteria. Thus, she retained us to secure an immigration status her husband. We, therefore, proceeded to file I-130 Immigration Petition for Alien Relatives.

Marriage immigration may be straightforward in its procedure and rationale, but the evidence presented is crucial. Indeed, a client’s background does matter, given that immigration officers do stereotype as well. However, the more crucial aspect is to persuade a skeptic reader (the reviewing officer).

The reviewer will be sitting in an office, or other spaces of similar function, and understand your case based on the evidence on paper. With this understanding, please exercise patience when you gather necessary evidence, visual or textual.

Our immigration attorneys helped prove that our client’s husband met all legal criteria, and that their marriage was, in fact, done in good faith and the result of mutual love and trust. We also advised the couple to show extensive evidence to demonstrate the husband deserved the immigration status.

Thirteen days later, our client’s husband was able to apply for an immigrant visa in order to become a green card holder.

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