Client: Adult Male U.S. Citizen Husband Seeking Immigration Status for Wife
Wife’s Country of Origin: Albania
Case Type: I-130 Immigration Petition for Relative, Fiancé or Orphan
Date of Application: August 18, 2011
Date of Approval: April 23, 2012
Our client, a U.S. citizen, retained Herman Legal Group in a crisis. He needed us to secure an immigration status for his wife who was in the middle of removal proceeding.

We often advise clients to take the more reliable strategies available. For a sponsor who is a legally defined relative (parent, spouse, or sibling), applying for status through I-130 Immigration Petition for Relative, Fiancé or Orphan may be a good strategy. The approval may serve as a strong evidence for closure of removal proceeding.

In addition, proving a qualified marriage immigration requires convincing a skeptic reviewing officer. Therefore, evidence showing you and your spouse living together like a typical and real couple is helpful. Our argument for you will only be as good as the evidence offered to us.

We helped our client prove that their marriage qualified his wife for a status. With our advice, our client collected sufficient evidence to prove that his marriage with his wife was bona fide, real, and the result of love and trust.

Three days after the approval, our client’s wife was granted a stay of her removal order until November of 2012.

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